Thursday, December 1, 2016

My 5th Annual Schedule of Investments

So four years on, I am still posting. On each anniversary of my blog I list my dozen or so largest holdings. This year I am posting three months late but the following are my holdings at the anniversary. See this link for my past year holdings.

Position Category Business
Senvest Capital (TSX:SEC) Canadian SmallcapInvestment Company
Seaboard Corp (SEB) US Mid capFood Conglomerate
Installux SA French microcapManufacturing
IEH Corp (IEHC) US MicrocapManufacturing
McRea Industries (MCRAA) US MicrocapFootwear
Kansas City Life (KCLI) US Small capLife insurance
Anthem (ANTM) US Large capHealth insurance
Tachibana Eletech (TSE:8159) Japanese SmallcapElectronic Distributor
New Century Hong Kong (HK:0234) Hong Kong Small capHotel, cruise line
European Reliance (ATH:EUPIC) Greek smallcapInsurance
Riken Keiki (TSE:7754) Japanese smallcapManufacturing
Bruce Fund (BRUFX) Mutual fundMid-cap value
Lewis Group (JSE:LEW) S Africa large capRetail

I am posting less now because I have been busy with other things and because I have less new things to say. I think I will have a lot more to say once my thesis for many of these stocks have played out. That said, I have written this blog for four years and, to me so far, I see that my investment strategy is working out. By this I mean that my active investing is worth the time. I am beating the market and I should continue to beat the market. The edge is not big. I think I am beating and can continue to beat the market by 1-2%. But as we all know from the principle of compounding, such an edge will become a fortune over long periods.

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  1. Happy anniversary, good to see your article. You did wonderful job in the past year, keep doing the good work