Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recent Portfolio News

IEHC recently reported Q3 2015 results. Q3 revenue was $4.73 M versus $3.66 M the same period a year ago. Income was $0.59 M versus $0.19 M the same period a year ago. EPS was $0.26 versus $0.08 the same period a year ago. EPS for the first 9 months was $0.65 versus $0.51 a year ago. So the company is on track for another record year!

The gains came from increased revenue and improved margins. Gross margin was a eye-whopping 39.8% in Q3 versus 31.2% a year ago. It was 35.9% for the last fiscal year, which was a record year. If the company can maintain a close to 2% margin improvement in the current year that would mean a more than 20% income improvement even if the revenue is flat.

The company credits the commercial space for the great quarter. While the military business is a more traditional customer for IEHC, I feel it has plateaued. Instead, I feel the growth will come from the commercial space, in particular the medical and transportation areas.

I feel IEHC is a $8 stock.

Tachibana Eletech just reported earnings that show it is also having a record year. The company earned ¥ 203 for the first 9 months versus ¥ 133 for the same period a year ago. Tachibana is a distributor of factory automation and electronics equipment made by Mitsubishi Electrics. Tachibana serves the Asia region and China is a lucrative market as it modernizes. Exports to China is made even easier because the Chinese Yuan is virtually pegged to the US dollar as it appreciates against the Yen.

Tachibana stock has doubled in local currency in the two years that I've owned it. And to get a better sense of why, I compiled the following data on both companies. The chart shows Tachibana's revenues and that of Mitsubishi Electric. It also shows the revenue of the Mitsubishi Factory Automation (FA) group and the Electronics group. But if we focus on the red and purple bars which are the Tachibana revenues and the Mitsubishi FA revenues, we see they move in tandem. That is very reasonable as FA accounts for almost 50% of Tachibana's revenue. Mitsubishi's stock (TSE:6503) has also doubled in local currency in the last two years. So, Tachibana's success has really been the result of Mitsubishi's success.

Putprop announced it will do a R100M (US$9M) capital raise to buy more properties and diversify away from Larimar, the bus operator that is responsible for 80% of the company's revenue This is a rights subscription to buy shares at R6.30 whereas the stock is at R7.00. So, I feel it is in the shareholder's interest to participate, or sell the stock before the deadline. This capital raise should increase the company market cap from US$20M to US$30M. I haven't decided on my choice because earlier this month the company announced that Larimar was late with the rent. Larimar seems to have some financial troubles and needs a few months to be current with the rent payments. Maybe this is nothing but it caused the stock to drop 10%, and it is factoring into my decision for the rights description right now.

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