Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn Reading Material

Time flies, we are now in the pivotal September / October time frame when bad corrections usually happen. This year it looks muted. I have been finding more and more reading material that interest me. Calpers, the huge California pension fund, has decided to scrap hedge fund investing. That is not surprising if you read this negative article on the industry.

I also enjoyed this following succinct article that explains what is risk.

I am also starting Silent Investor, Silent Loser by Martin Sosnoff, which is a little-known book written by a money manager's in the 80's. I am not really sure what is the point of the book, but the stories from that time period gives me a very important sense of perspective.

I discovered this thorough analysis of Sears Holding's real estate by Baker Street Capital. It is a must-read for anyone contemplating buying Sears.

Another older book I found is The Go-Go Years: When Prices Went Topless by John Brooks. I read a chapter here and there to get a perspective from the last market excess before the dot-com era.

And finally, I am reading yet another book on Warren Buffett: Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett by Andrew Kilpatrick.

My next reading material post will be a list of links to articles about Warren Buffett Partnership investments.  Enjoy this list for now.

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