Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Plans for the SEB and Sterihealth Offers

Seaboard Corp is offering to repurchase $100 M USD in common stock through a dutch auction. The offer gives shareholders the opportunity to tender their shares at a price between $2500 and $2950. The company will pick the lowest price that allows it to buy $100 M worth of shares. Anyone who tenders at or below the chosen price will be selling their shares at the chosen price. The stock was at  $2350 before the announcment. The news caused the stock to pop, and it is now at $2615

This means the market thinks the chosen price will be above $2615. No one will tender his shares below $2615 because when he can sell it today. On the other hand, buyers are hoping to buy below the chosen price, and then tender. Those buyers must expect a large enough premium for their risk exposure. Say it is $100. Then, the market expects the chosen price to be $2715.  Considering their mediocre results last few quarters, I will tender some shares at $2700, $2800 and $2900.

Sterihealth's largest shareholder Dan Daniels recently offered to take the company private at $1.75. The vote is on June. Today it is trading at $1.73. This means that the market believes the transaction will happen. If the transaction happens, the shareholders will get their payment on June 26. This means that today's buyers expect to make a $0.02 gain within a little over a month. I am selling my shares today at $1.73 and I will forgo the $0.02 because I believe I can return greater than that by investing the capital.

The above is my understanding of two transactions. It may have errors or omissions. Please read the disclaimer on the right.

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