Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tachibana Eletech, Pfizer and IEH Corp Report Solid Earnings

Earnings season is in full swing. And my holdings are doing well.

Tachibana Eletech (TSE:8159), a small cap factory automation company reported a great start with 1Q 2013. The company reported EPS of 34 yen, a 60% increase yoy. Revenue increased 10% yoy. I presume that the yen's recent drop contributed to the company's results. Management projects 134.75 yen EPS for the year. Which translates to a PE of 7x! In addition, this is a netnet company (see previous post).

The only disappointment with the company is the paltry 20 yen annual dividend (2% dividend yield).

Pfizer reported Q2 adjusted EPS of $0.56. This adjusted EPS leaves out special items such as the Zoetis share sale. For the year, the company projects adjusted EPS of $2.10 - $2.20 and actual EPS $3.07 - $3.22. This is all not surprising. With shares trading at around $30, Pfizer has a healthy P/E in the low teens (adjusted earnings). Recently, I have sold some shares in my tax-sheltered account. But, I'll leave the rest alone. Pfizer is one of those solid stocks in a great industry that you can just leave alone without worry.

IEH Corp (IEHC) reported full year earnings of $0.40 vs $0.48 a year ago. That is a PE of 7x also. Total revenue for the last two years were almost identical. So, it seems margins slipped a bit. IEHC is also a netnet (see previous post).

IEHC is a tiny company with a market cap of $8M. They only do one thing, electrical connectors, and they do it well.  The company has very few customers. The company sells 31% to the corporate world, 63% to the military. All this is little changed from last year.

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